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Green Sustainable Solutions

Green Sustainable Solutions

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Healthy Buildings,
Healthy People

Healthy Buildings,
Healthy People

We use certified Sustainable Processes & Products, minimizing your exposure to COVID-19, C-Diff (clostridium difficile), MRSA (staphylococcus aureus), other bacteria, viruses, contaminants and health hazards inside your facility.

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What Our Customers Say

"Since January 2006, Bldg.Works has been cleaning our campus [90,000 sq. ft. of buildings scattered over 20 acres and 19 buildings]. We have been very pleased and highly recommend them. They have been very flexible with our needs to accommodate our school and event schedule, which varies on a weekly basis."

Tom Hartzler, Northwest Christian School

"We have been satisfied customers of Bldg.Works since 2009. All levels of service are nothing but top-notch! We have been told by our customers, how very clean our medical office is, compared to the majority! And our patients recognize the fact they are being seen in a distinctly clean medical facility, what an awesome first impression they walk into!"

Wendy Mowrer, San Tan Urgent Care

"Elks Lodge has used Bldg.Works for the past 5 years and found them very competitive financially. The team assigned to our business is very responsible, trustworthy and thorough."

Sid Palmer, Elks Lodge

"I have worked with Bldg.Works since September of 2009. When I moved to a new position, I was anxious to have them work at this new facility. I was pleased to bring Bldg.Works on to work with our more than 56,000 sq. ft. facility in September 2012. They are a one-stop company that can deal with all of our needs."

Andrea Morris, DMG Children's Rehabilitative Services

"We have had other cleaning services that were much more costly and did not have the service that Bldg.Works has provided."

James Nielsen, Desert Grove Family Medical

"I have the responsibility of managing the vendor relationships for SimonMed Imaging for all of our many locations. Considering the demanding nature of our work, the challenges in keeping our buildings neat and immaculate are many on any given day. I particularly appreciate the effective and efficient response given by Bldg.Works to any situation, as well as the solutions they implement, before such things become known problems."

Carleen Cordova, SimonMed Imaging

"Due to budget cuts last year, Opera Pacific had to terminate services supplied by Bldg.Works. Opera Pacific misses your services terribly and may return again as finances become more solid. Your company always supplied us with exemplary service, always extremely particular, conscientious, attentive and professional: an absolute pleasure to do business with."

Kyle Daniels, Opera Pacific

"Here at Hydrospin, we are a 24/7 operation with 120 employees. Our business is machining of aluminum and steel products, which [produces] metal chips and [results in] coolant residue being tracked into some of the office areas daily. Bldg.Works personnel keep the place looking great."

Jim Andersen, Luxfer Hydrospin

"We chose them as our service provider in 2002, and over the years, we can say with confidence that our choice was an excellent one. Things are done in a timely manner and any requests or needs are met and completed quickly and have never needed to be repeated. The consistency of the service is truly appreciated."

Kevin Rusin, McKinley Equipment Corporation

"While most cleaning companies make promises in order to get the contract, and then fail to deliver on a consistent basis, I am pleased to say that Bldg.Works has delivered on expectations. Their unique systems and methods have proven to be a true asset in our mutual partnership.”

Joe Rice, Mercedes Benz

"We were dissatisfied with our prior company, but you have put our minds at ease in raising the standards to the term professionalism. Not only have you improved the appearance of our office, you have gone above and beyond. You have not let us down once. It is a joy to come into the office the morning after your services."

Nicole Rockefeller, Terminix

"We have been using their services for our clubhouse and on-course bathrooms for our 2 golf courses: one 27 hole facility and one 18 hole facility, and I have never been disappointed in the quality of the work or price."

Shannon Buckley, Golf In Venice

"I have had the dubious privilege of utilizing numerous janitorial companies over the years. The service provided by most, if not all, has been less than outstanding. With that in mind, I have been extremely impressed with the service, quality, consistency and professionalism provided by Bldg.Works at our locations throughout Texas. The level of service has been exceptional and the professional demeanor of all Bldg.Works personnel has been refreshing."

Randall Duncan, American Tile & Stone

"We have been using Bldg.Works services at this location [97,000 sq. ft./600+ employees/3 shifts] for 17 years. What more needs to be said!"

Raymond Powers, ADT

"We've worked with other services who fell short in maintaining the building to our expectations and/or finding solutions to correct deficiencies. Everyone at Bldg.Works is focused on providing excellent service and solutions to problems which are handled promptly. The associates working in our building are always pleasant, professional and willing to assist us with any requests, above and beyond the normal tasks."

Marcella Eads, Americold Realty

"I was very happy to try out your services as they came highly recommended by our Regional Management Team and other Caliber locations. I was even happier once service began and the claims of great service and attention became a reality. I cannot thank Bldg.Works enough for their integrity and attention to what matters most, their customers."

Terri Roberson, Caliber Collision Centers

"I've worked all over the country and thought that complaining about the cleaning service was a standard. I came to work for Copart, Inc. and quickly became aware that Bldg.Works provided a different level of service than any other cleaning service. Our facility sees high volume of traffic and they have never failed us.”

Brad Stokes, Copart, Inc.

"Their outstanding service, their proficient staff and their level of communication have more han exceeded our expectations. Their monthly evaluations and inspections go above and beyond what has ever been provided to us in the past."

Jill Ruble, Town of Highland Park

"Bldg.Works has been our service since 2012. With their monthly evaluation reports and monthly on-site inspections, they have really proven their commitment to superior customer service. Land Rover is happy to recommend Bldg.Works to any company looking for a service that is miles above their competitors."

Donna Ostteen, Land Rover

"We have been with Bldg.Works since September 2002. I believe that speaks volumes about their level of service. Most companies will promise you anything and everything and might be able to deliver for awhile; however, after time this usually goes away."

Karen Price, National Health Corporation

"We have had an excellent experience. Bldg.Works takes a very active role and places emphasis in seeing that our urgent requests are handled timely. We are presently using three Bldg.Works services janitorial, pest control and landscaping. The standard of service, quality, and accessibility to management has been appreciated by all our staff across all of our Texas locations."

Gary Motley, Sovereign Bank

"Since 2005 Bldg.Works has been serving our office. They have done exceptional work within all areas including cleaning, special projects, customer service as well as pricing."

Amanda Wildoner, ThyssenKrupp

Our Approach

We are more than just another custodial service. We offer more than promises. We offer a unique and proven SERVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that allows us to methodically clean, monitor, and control the service in your building consistently, month after month, year after year. In our industry, a service provider retains a customer for an average of approximately 8.5 months. We retain our clients an average of 7+ years. Our success is a direct result of our unique service approach, establishing us as the premium building services provider.

Service Management System™

Needs Assessment Tools

We create customized solutions for your needs and manage the transition smoothly and effectively. We'll show you how we do it.

Communications Tools

24/7 availability, 60 minute response time, unique effective tools managed by our proprietary ServiceBLDR™ software.

Quality Control Tools

60-Point physical inspection performed 3 different ways at 3 different times every month.

Accountability Tools

You become priority one for your Bldg.Works Team because they become vested in your facility. We'll show you how.

Service Evaluation Tools

Direct-managed, feedback-based, proactive performance prevents unnecessary problems or concerns before they occur.

Additional Tools

Appearance is important. Training is vital. Security is critical. Our Service Management System insures them all.

Who we are

Since 1997, we have successfully solved the building services equation for our customers. We engineered our proprietary SERVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to provide a complete and integrated building services solution for the commercial, retail, and industrial sectors.

Our proven experience and innovative solutions have helped us achieve managed growth and expansion from one American coast to the other.

A company simply cannot have such success without a strong track record of delivering outstanding service. We give you the resources of a national firm, with the attention and personal care of a local business nearby, so that you can have an unequaled service experience.


Every building built now and in the future must be cleaned and maintained every day. Count the number of retail centers, industrial buildings, local companies, churches, medical facilities, schools, office complexes and other buildings in your area. Think about the fact that every one of these buildings must have building services today, tomorrow, every day without fail.

And for over two decades, we have empowered enthusiastic, entrepreneurial professionals with the advantages of our proprietary Service Management System to successfully solve the building services equation for all types of buildings. In doing so, our associates helped us achieve a customer satisfaction rate in the top 1% of building service providers nationwide.

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